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EducationFinders.com Privacy Policy

February 2, 2016

This privacy policy serves as a resource for EducationFinders.com’s users to understand its information practices, specifically those regarding the collection, application, and sharing of personal information. We suggest that you check this policy on occasion as it may change to correspond with EducationFinders.com’s information practices changes.

EducationFinders.com’s Information Collection Practices

EducationFinders.com may collect personal contact, demographic, and computer information from you while you use its services. To be more specific, this information may include, but is not limited to, your address, browser you use while on our site, computer operating system, education background, full name, gender, and zip code. The collection of this information, especially in reference to computer information, is a process implemented by most websites.

EducationFinders.com’s Information Usage Practices

The purpose of this information collection is for EducationFinders.com to:

  • Make online degree recommendations to its users.
  • Send users information to help them with their degree and career aspirations.
  • Send users school information they’ve requested.
  • Respond to users’ customer service requests as well as questions or concerns.
  • Send users informational newsletters
  • Send users helpful marketing communications

EducationFinders.com also uses gathered information to improve its business; examples of the activities it uses gathered information for are those relating to research, analysis, and marketing.


For those users who do not wish to participate in our marketing information circulations, you will find unsubscribe instructions within our emails that will help you opt-out of these circulations.

EducationFinders.com’s Information Sharing Practices

EducationFinders.com’s information sharing activities will not deviate from the information sharing practices stipulated in this privacy policy. EducationFinders.com will by no means sell users’ personal information to third party companies for their marketing activities.

EducationFinders.com may provide third party service companies with users’ personal data specifically for EducationFinders.com’s own business activities; these companies are typically contracted by EducationFinders.com and may consist, for example, of a customer service or email service provider.

EducationFinders.com may also provide third party companies with user’s personal information if a or multiple third parties are involved in a merger with, acquisition of, or the sale of EducationFinders.com’s assets. In such situations, it is often lawfully required for businesses to provide third parties with its users’ personal information. Thus to comply with legal procedures and with your prior consent, EducationFinders.com may provide third parties with your personal information when we feel in good faith that doing so is pertinent to securing our rights, your safety, and the safety of others, determining if fraud has taken place, and/or complying with a demand or request made by the government.

Finally, legally you will be making an inquiry to EducationFinders.com when you give it your personal information. In doing so, you grant EducationFinders.com and its marketing and business affiliates the right to contact you. Said parties may also contact you temporarily via telephone despite your participation in any Do Not Call list because your inquiry is a legal omission to Do Not Call stipulations.

Contacting Us

If you find yourself with questions or concerns regarding this privacy policy, please contact EducationFinders.

Effective date: August 18, 2012

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